Sustainable Steel Strategies Summit

EVENT TITLE: Sustainable Steel Strategies Summit
EVENT DATE: June 22nd – June 23rd 2021

The Sustainable Steel Strategies Summit 2021, brought to you by the makers of the Future Steel Forum and Steel Times International, is shaping up to be an exciting two-day virtual event aimed exclusively at the global steelmaking industry.

Steelmakers around the world reel at the thought of being ‘the climate bad guys,’ but the fact remains that they are one of the largest emitters of environmental pollutants such as greenhouse gases and fine dust. That said, the industry has never been one to sit on its laurels and do nothing about it. Great inroads have been made over many years into developing technologies designed to make the steelmaking process as green as possible – and that great work is ongoing.

Steelmakers in Europe are hard at work developing new ways to produce carbon-lean steels: think of the Hybrit Initiative from SSAB and other hydrogen-based technologies, like thyssenkrupp’s green hydrogen and green power plan based on the concept of ‘blast furnace 2.0’. Salzgitter is looking at renewable energy sources for its blast furnaces. Liberty Steel is realizing it Greensteel Vision, Tata Steel Europe is busy with its Hlsarna project. Every self-respecting steelmaker is doing its bit to make the process cleaner and reduce emissions.

But how are they doing this and what timescales are they working to? Well, that’s what the Sustainable Steel Strategies Summit is all about. Come and listen to what the steelmakers themselves have to say about climate change and how they intend to make greener steel in the near future.