For a brief window in 2020 the world economy slowed. Roads and sidewalks emptied as citizens retreated indoors to protect their health and slow viral spread. Dwindling tourism and closed borders forced the carbon-intensive airline industry to ground planes and schedule half-empty flights, creating extreme financial distress across the global aviation sector.Read More →

Cultivating seaweed along the coast could offset the carbon produced by the aquaculture industry, as well as potentially fight climate change at local levels, according to a new study in “Current Biology,” published in August, 2019. The researchers did not find seaweed cultivation to be a viable solution to offsetRead More →


The Vertical Farming Conference kicks off today in Venlo, The Netherlands as part of the Agri-Food Innovation Event. Today’s speaker is Andre Fabris, as part of the smart farming conference, a section of the Vertical Farming Conference. Fabris will likely speak about Project Animus, a slightly elusive machine learning andRead More →