The National Safety Council is Features Keynote Speaker Mick Ebeling

The National Safety Council Congress happens 9/6-9/12 in San Diego, Ca. The Expo is happening 9/9-9/11. The Congress offers professional development in the industry seminars for industry professionals. The expo, open to the public, showcases a number of exhibitors in the diverse field of safety.

The NSC’s mission is to prevent unnecessary deaths in America at the workplace and throughout the everyday lives of Americans. The Organization is dedicated to solving the problems of work safety, road safety, and home safety and to raise awareness for the average American and industry professionals about how to be safer. A focus this year will be on the opioid epidemic and how to change course on the massive problem the country is currently dealing with.

Mick Ebeling will be doing a keynote speech at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo. Ebeling, CEO of Not Impossible labs, has been working to better people’s lives through story and technology. Ebeling has pioneered a range of thought provoking and inspirational technologies that help people and inspire others to help others.

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