Practice Greenhealth is Encouraging Hospitals to Join the Cool Food Pledge

Practice Greenhealth is encouraging hospitals, companies, universities, and public facilities to sign up for the Cool Food Pledge. The pledge is geared toward providing more plant-based foods offered in their cafeterias and restaurants. By following the pledge, hospitals are promoting more healthy lifestyles while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the amount of meat and other processed foods.

This initiative aims to provide patients with health benefits, in-turn lowering the risk for diet-related disease and health care costs that result. At the same time, the pledge reduces the environmental impact hospitals have by lowering water usage, lowering land-use impact, and smaller emissions related to the supply chain. One study showed, around 10-15% of hospital waste is food.

Practice Greenhealth is a membership organization in the health care industry helping companies become more sustainable by providing thoughtful solutions. More than one-third of all hospitals in the United States have joined the network.


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