Ubiquitos Energy has Developed Transparent Solar Glass

Ubitquitos Energy has developed a new solar glass that is implementable on every building in the world. This is not the first solar glass to be brought to market but is the first to be fully transparent and look like regular window glass. The technology works by using an organic dye that allows visible sunlight to pass through while capturing invisible infrared and ultraviolet rays.

The technology is also available for mobile devices, computers, and applicable to the internet of things. Battery life could be greatly increased and potentially limitless for some applications with this technology. This could have a positive impact on the battery industry and environmental impacts of lithium mining.

This innovation is a great product for end-users and consumers in that windows can be installed in relatively the same way they would have before. These windows have the ability to offset energy costs by up to 70%. If buildings were to install this glass on a widespread level, the amount of solar capacity would grow exponentially. Buildings would be able to install solar glass while maintaining solar panels on rooftops.