Earth Overshoot Day is Happening Earlier Every Year

Today is Earth Overshoot Day. Each year the world reaches the point where we have used more resources than the earth can renew in a year. Since the 1970’s the date has become earlier and earlier each year. According to reporting by the United Nations Climate Change Committee, fossil fuels currently account for the majority of our footprint, currently reaching around 60%. The world is currently using the resources of 1.75 planets each year. Even more alarming is the fact that if everyone on Earth lived like Americans, we would need 5 Earths to be able to sustain our lifestyle.

2019 marks the earliest date this occurrence takes place. The Global Footprint Network has been calculating this data since the 1990’s in order to raise awareness about how many resources there are in the world and how much of them we are using. This day is an important day for everyone to reflect on how they are living and what they can do to reduce their impact.