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Living on Earth Podcast Tackles Green New Deal and Rationalizes National Park Service

October 22nd, 2019|Agriculture, Blog, Climate Change, Conservation, Environment, Green New Deal, Media of the Week, News, News, Sustainability, United States|

Living on Earth is a weekly news and information program from PRI/ World Media Foundation which dives into the topics of environment, climate, human health, politics, and ecology. The podcast began in 2014 and is hosted by Steve Curwood. Listen to the podcast here. A recent episode of the podcast dives into the [...]

The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival is 10/17-10/27

October 16th, 2019|Advocacy, Awards, Climate Change, Community, Environment, event, Events, feature, featured, News, News|

The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York City, is offering 10 days of film screenings, panel discussion, field trips, receptions, parties, and a conference. This year marks the 9th annual festival, dedicated to environmental issues and the advancement of science. Categories include best ocean film, best animation film, best series film, best [...]

The Nobel Prize In Chemistry Goes to Developers of the Lithium-Ion Battery

October 15th, 2019|Awards, Carbon Footprint, Efficiency, Energy, Energy News, Environment, EV, News, News, science, Sustainability, Wind|

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019 has been awarded to the scientists behind lithium Ion Batteries. It is no secret that batteries have played an enormous role in our daily lives. Batteries are involved in just about every aspect of our routines from our cars to computers. It is difficult to think of [...]

New Proposal to Refreeze the Arctic Promises Environmental Benefits

October 15th, 2019|Carbon Footprint, Climate Change, Conservation, Energy, Environment, Featured Green Innovations, Innovations, News, News, Ocean, science, Sustainability, Technology, Water|

Photo: Faris Rajak Kotahatuhaha A new proposal by a group of scientists and designers offers the ability to refreeze the arctic. The design was named runner up at the ASA International Design Competition.  Faris Rajak Kotahatuhaha designed the submersible vessel that would produce hexagonal icebergs stretching 82 feet wide and 16 [...]

International Coffee Day Highlights Inequality in the Industry

October 1st, 2019|Agriculture, Community, Environment, News, News, Sustainability, World, World News|

Every year on October 1st, International Coffee Day takes place. The Holiday recognizes the millions of people who work in the industry throughout the world. The aim for international coffee day is to shine a spotlight on the millions of farmers who are the most vulnerable. Coffee is one of the largest imports [...]

North America Smart Energy Week is Underway

September 25th, 2019|Climate Change, Efficiency, Energy, Energy News, Environment, EV, event, Events, News, News, Policy, Renewable Energy News, Renewable Energy Solutions, science, Smart Energy, Solar, Solar Farm, Solar Summit, Solarfest, Sustainability, Technology, United States, Wind, Wind, Windpower|

North America Smart Energy Week is underway in Salt Lake City, UT. The event kicked off on Monday with an opening session featuring Abby Hopper, President and CEO of Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). The opening session was focused on the role of clean energy in an integrated De-carbonization strategy. The opening day [...]