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New Report Details Jobs & Skills Programs Needed for Circular Economy

A new report from Circle Economy details jobs & skills that will be necessary in the future as the world transitions into a circular model. In the coming years the world will need job training programs that can help displaced workers find work in emerging industries and retrain Americans whoRead More →

Footprint is On a Mission to End Plastic Waste

The company Footprint is on a mission to end single-use plastics. Packaging in grocery stores and restaurants accounts for a large percentage of plastics that end up polluting our environment and oceans. Footprint produces packaging for a wide variety of items in grocery stores and cafes that are plastic freeRead More →

WINT Water Intelligence can Help Hotels and Restaurants Save Water

The company WINT incorporates artificial intelligence technology that detects leaks and water waste. The system continuously learns and adapts to each specific water network to optimize the detection capabilities. The system uses alerts that can be sent directly to a mobile device or computer and can even shut the systemRead More →

Growing a Garden is a Great Way to Ease Strain on Food Systems

A growing number of Americans aren’t able to afford to stock up on groceries. According to the Washington Post, there are millions of people living on a fixed income in this country who rely on social security, disability, or food stamps to be able to afford basic necessities. People facingRead More →

Imperfect Produce is Helping in the Food Waste Fight During Covid-19

Imperfect Produce is an online food delivery service that fights food waste. The platform sells food that typical grocery stores refuse due to odd shapes and sizes. Normally this food would be simply wasted, along with all of the resources and hard work that went in to growing it. ImperfectRead More →

Hope & Sesame® Launches World’s First Plant-Based Line of Organic Sesamemilks

Hope & Sesame®, the world’s only manufacturer of creamy, plant-based organic sesamemilks, today debuted its new line of protein-packed, nondairy products. The new innovations include five delicious organic sesamemilk flavors, including Chocolate, Vanilla, Original, Unsweetened Original and Chocolate Hazelnut. Hope & Sesame organic sesamemilks are a good source of proteinRead More →

About Food & Beverage

About Food & Beverage

With their critical role in providing nutrition to our society, Food and Beverage manufacturers have a most direct impact to the quality of our lives and our environment in what and how they manufacturer. The F&B industry requires vast amounts of energy during their processes, as well as throughout their supply chain. Food waste represents extremely challenging GHG emissions. Green World provides intel on sustainability solutions that can lower F&B manufacturers’ overall impact while increasing their profitability.

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Food & Beverage

International Coffee Day Highlights Inequality in the Industry

Every year on October 1st, International Coffee Day takes place. The Holiday recognizes the millions of people who work in the industry throughout the world. The aim for international coffee day is to shine a spotlight on the millions of farmers who are the most vulnerable. Coffee is one ofRead More →

A New Device Produces Electricity at Night Using the Thermoelectric Effect

Researchers at UCLA have invented a new device that makes electricity at night by using the thermoelectric effect. Thermoelectricity is not a new concept, but this team of researchers have come up with an idea that could be immensely beneficial to the 1 billion people who currently do not haveRead More →

Agriculture and the Ogallala Aquifer in the High Plains

There is no doubt that the agriculture industry occupies a large percentage of the nation’s water consumption. Generally, about 70% of the water we take from rivers and groundwater are used for irrigation and only about 10% is used for domestic use. In California, the number is 80%, due itsRead More →

It’s Cow Appreciation Day, let’s think about our relationship with Cows

Today is National Cow Appreciation day. Many people enjoy eating a steak or burger from time to time, and others eat beef every day. Cows contribute a large quantity of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The world’s demand for beef is responsible for 9% of Carbon emissions, 65% of NitrousRead More →

Federal Strategy on Food Waste

In October 2018, the USDA, EPA, and FDA signed a joint agency formal agreement to tackle the problem of food waste in America. This agreement does not attach any financial obligation, simply the idea and commitment that the three agencies will work together to find solutions to the problem ofRead More →