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Incineration of solid waste produces millions of tons of waste fly ash in Europe each year, that most commonly ends up in landfill.

Portable wind turbine innovation. KiteX

Wind Catcher: A quiet lightweight portable wind turbine made out of recycled materials, perfect for camping or emergency backup.

The Wind Catcher, by the copenhagen-based company KiteX, is a new innovation that can be used for camping or emergency backup in combination with solar panels for sunless days, or solo. It can connect to a classic generator for extra power as well. 2 models are available, 200W and 600W


Do eco-friendly products work? Yes is the answer! What do they have in common?

Good House Keeping has recently published a list of the “11 Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products”. Among other products tested successfully were: Bon Ami Powder Cleanser, Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner, Method ANTIBAC Bathroom Cleaner, Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Shaker, and many more. It is also good to look at

asbestos recycling

Asbestos recycling: Can asbestos be recycled? Read more to find out…

Can Asbestos Be Recycled? Short Answer: Yes. Asbestos can be recycled, but not in the way you would recycle paper or plastic. This type of recycling uses high temperatures to change asbestos fibers into glass or ceramic fibers that are safe to use for other purposes. If asbestos is in your home,

zinc electrowinning workshop

Extracting precious zinc from waste ash

Incineration of solid waste produces millions of tons of waste fly ash in Europe each year, that most commonly ends up in landfill.

Plastic bag

Upcycling: New catalytic process turns plastic bags into adhesives.

Only a small percentage of plastic bags and other polyethylene packaging is recycled…

About Products

About Products

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The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act Looks to Hold Producers Accountable

A new bill introduced to Congress proposes a reduction of the production of plastic in the United States. There is often a focus on consumers to responsibly reduce the amount of plastic they consume and dispose of it properly. The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2020 shifts responsibility

Carbon Cure is Greening the Concrete Industry by Creating Stronger Concrete

The company Carbon Cure has developed a way to sequester carbon into concrete by storing CO2 inside concrete during the manufacturing process. This technology has the ability to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the concrete industry. As of 2015, the cement industry generated around 7% of global emissions. This

Qube is Creating Bricks From Plastic Waste

A new startup, Qube, is setting out to change the way we build our cities on a foundational level. Abhishek Banerjee developed a way to make bricks out of plastic waste. The India based company began when Banerjee toured a traditional brick kiln and was shocked at the level of

IceStone Shakes Up the Durable
Surfacing Industry

Brooklyn-based manufacturer IceStone LLC has long been a major player in manufacturing sustainable and highly durable surfacing, and this past month they managed to push the envelope even further. They refined their eponymous product, which is typically fashioned into countertops, backsplashes, and bathroom vanities, making it more durable than ever

Squid Camouflage is Inspiring Medical Science and Future Synthetic Materials

Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have been studying Squid Camouflage. A new study has demonstrated the ability to understand the mechanism by which squid, and other camouflage sea species, control reflective pigments to change their appearance and visibility. Reflectin, the protein which controls reflective pigments, has long been a mystery

Kanye West Announces New Eco Shoe Made with Algae

At the Fast Company Innovation Festival, Kanye West unveiled a new Yeezy shoe prototype made with algae. According to Design Boom, the shoe is made with a combination of petroleum-based ethylene-vinyl acetate and foam produced using algae. This clog is the first release in the company move towards sustainability. West

Plastic Free July is Over But the Plastic Fight Continues

It’s the end of Plastic Free July, the campaign to raise awareness of the world’s plastic consumption problem. The campaign boasts that 120 million people took the pledge to stop using plastic for the month of July this year. Raising awareness for this issue is important for the planet and